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Colitz 23 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Vitreous 1287 Michael H. Stades 24 Diseases of the Canine Ocular Fundus 1303 Kristina Narfstrom and Simon M. Hoffman 26 Diseases of the Canine Optic Nerve 1432 Bianca C. Brooks SECTION IV: SPECIAL OPHTHALMOLOGY 1475 Edited by Thomas J. Cullen 35 Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease Part 1 The Dog 1897 Cheryl L.

The editors have done a superb job revising the previous edition. While other books may be more appropriate as quick references for practicing veterinarians, this book will always be considered the gold standard in the field.In addition to significantly reducing the carbon footprint of printing and mailing, this important transition reflects a larger trend in 21st-century scholarship, with scholarly journals everywhere moving rapidly toward electronic-only distribution.This will result in much broader readership and improved services for readers, including the creation of new online initiatives to strengthen the usability, submission rate, readership, and global interactivity of the fast-growing communities around VOP. 47th Annual Meeting of the ACVO Monterey, CA October 26-29 2016 View all ACVO meeting abstracts dating back to 1999.For: residents in veterinary ophthalmology; general, small animal, and equine veterinary practitioners; veterinary ophthalmologists; veterinary medicine students.

Volume 1 Contributors vii Preface xi About the Companion Website xiii SECTION I: BASIC VISION SCIENCES 1 Edited by Kirk N. Gilger 5 Ocular Immunology 273 Robert English and Brian C. Petersen-Jones 10 Ophthalmic Examination and Diagnostics Part 1 The Eye Examination and Diagnostic Procedures 533 Heidi J. Heinrich Part 2 Ocular Imaging 614 David Donaldson and Claudia Hartley Part 3 Diagnostic Ultrasonography 669 Ursula M. Gelatt 13 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Orbit 793 Bernhard M. Pot 14 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Eyelid 832 Frans C. Gelatt 20 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Anterior Uvea 1146 Diane V. Hendrix 21 Diseases of the Lens and Cataract Formation 1199 Michael G. Gionfriddo 31 Laboratory Animal Ophthalmology 1692 David L. Gum 32 The Rabbit 1725 David Williams 33 Exotic Animal Ophthalmology 1750 Thomas J. Purchasers of Veterinary Ophthalmic Surgery have at their disposal a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to all types of ophthalmic surgical techniques across all species.Techniques are covered topographically, and species-by-species, with difficulty gradings for each one.Herring 8 Veterinary Ophthalmic Pathology 435 Bruce H. Giuliano 17 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Conjunctiva and Nictitating Membrane 945 Diane V. Hendrix 18 Diseases and Surgery of the Canine Cornea and Sclera 976 Eric C. Petersen-Jones 25 Surgery of the Canine Posterior Segment 1393 Samuel J. Kern 27 Feline Ophthalmology 1477 Jean Stiles 28 Equine Ophthalmology 1560 Brian C. This massive inflow of capital has kept the current-account balance in the black despite the country’s chronic trade deficit and this phenomenon is making investors worry about the backlash if this source of economic windfall for the Philippines dried up.