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Its tabbed layout offers access to ' Clockrates', ' Voltages', ' Advanced Info', ' Timings', ' Temperatures' or ' Boot Settings'.

At the top sits the Info section, providing you with Device and Vendor selection, BIOS Version or Date.

Updated: Fix Most Windows Errors and Problems With Tweaking.

After upgrade to latest bios and Windows 7 drivers -- graphics is too slow to use PC.ATI don't support server OS even thought it's a "workstation" graphics card.While not being the perfect tool for the job and sometimes needing the Driver Signature to be turned off in order to work properly, Ni Bi Tor provides the overclocking addict with a different approach and some exquisite features.I've just built a new system running Windows Server 2008 R2 as the OS.Does anybody have any recommendations for different ones to try?

I am cuurently at 1200/1700 and 1.275 with a max temp of 46c in farcry3.I have been using other manufacturer’s BIOS’, and then flash my video cards BIOS to get more overclockability.No matter what I was doing or what I was going to do to my video card BIOS, I always made a back up of the original BIOS from the video card itself before I made any attempt on modifying or flashing my video card with another video card BIOS.It is not only us overclockers flashing our video card’s BIOS, this day and age just about everyone has, had to, or will need to flash the BIOS of their video card.I have been tweaking the video cards BIOS for years now.Everything in our computer has some form of a BIOS/Firmware.