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Since the GPS uses Universal Time, and the keypad starts from local time, there is the potential for timing issues that affect precise calculation of the meridian (overhead hour angle) and the horizons.

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You can change individual parameters that are part of the initialization, like backlash compensation or tracking rate, but DO NOT send time and location data from the computer, and do not do a full initialization.

Doing so will overwrite the Star GPS data and may cause the same timing issues that were mentioned above.

Likewise, an Australian setting up his or her keypad in the morning might need to remember that it is still "yesterday" in UT.

You can still have locations entered into the keypad, for quick setup at home without using Star GPS, but your time zone for ALL of your entered locations in the keypad must be set to "00" since the entered local time is UT.

Fortunately, the keypad supplies these parameters even in the External Startup Mode.

These parameters include the tracking, guiding and slew rates; the backlash compensation settings for both RA and Dec; reticle brightness and focus speed; and the PEM state.For additional information and tips on using the Meade Autostar and ETX/LXD telescopes I highly recommend visiting: Using Star GPS-NX This section describes how to use Star GPS-NX.You may also wish to download a copy of the "Star GPS-NX Quick Start Instructions" which are in PDF format.Accurate local time is not necessary in the keypad as long as the keypad can correctly calculate UT, which it does with Star GPS.The instructions below will have you set your Auto-Connect to EXT.For maximum battery life and cold weather operation we recommend using an Energizer AA Lithium battery.