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To store my spare ink cartridge, I seal the head with a little clear MAGIC SCOTCH tape and put it in a zip-lock bag with air removed. Oh, wear disposable gloves and protect any surface or cloths you don't want stained. Perfect option for anyone trying to take that economical approach.

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What I received was not what is pictured and not usable for my printer.

Note the pictures of what I received instead of the Stratitec Inkjet Ink pictured.

I don't do any more critical printing then when my son and daughter print something for school.

If I need more quality I go to the local office supply store to get it done (or find a friend with a laser printer). It seems a little less vibrant than the stock ink, but I think it looks just fine. In any case, it's a fraction of the cost of a new cartridge and you can get several refills on a cartridge before it wears out, so I highly recommend an inkjet refill kit to anyone. Still have enough for one more refilling for my HP Printer.

I only have to buy more ink when I empty what I got with this. Has worked perfectly with accurate colors and no excess running through the print heads.

With my printer, an HP photosmart b209a-m which uses HP 564 cartridges, the syringe did not fit in the refill hole for this. It seems to be that providing a smaller syringe (or a more narrow tip, at least) would be of no ill effect for anyone but would be helpful for people in situations like mine. Just be sure to insert through the rubber refill hole and not the air hole.Then, I inserted the cartridges into the printer and ran the clean option. Watching a tutorial on You Tube could be beneficial and well worth the time just to be sure you're doing it right and to find the correct holes to insert the ink in. Beware though, as it says in the product description, "Only Stratitec and Datatek USA sell this product. I have refilled my own ink jet cartridges for years.Most, except for the drug sore gimick systems are like this, syringes and ink.Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: Includes 2 bottles of dye-based black ink (170ml total), 1 bottle of dye-based cyan ink (85ml), 1 bottle of dye-based magenta ink (85ml), 1 bottle of dye-based yellow ink (85ml), and 4 injection syringes.The audience for this product is generally experienced with refilling.Okay, we all know printer cartridges are ridiculously over-priced. The only thing I'd change is to add some instructions or at least print a web address on the labels so that it's easier to find out how to do this if you haven't done it before.