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Trucks regularly arrived — known as Himmelfahrt (‘heaven-bound’) or black transports — to take away batches of women for unknown destinations from which they would never return.

Gestapo head Heinrich Himmler (left) oversaw the running of the concentration camp system during the Holocaust and made frequent stops at Ravensbruck.

She was free for three days and nights, during which time all the other women in the punishment block were forced to stand at attention, without moving a muscle and without food.

Rolf Rosenthal, the SS doctor at the Ravensbruck women's concentration camp, pictured after the camp's liberation.Nazis used the women's camp for heinous medical experiments including deliberately infecting prisoners with syphilis From then on, every minute of the days that stretched ahead of them was regimented by blaring sirens and rules.My hope is that I raise her in a way that I never have to have that talk on the porch with the boy who wants to date her or the man who wants to marry her. Relive those halcyon days with these camp classics, chock full of sex-crazed teens, high-spirited hijinks, and the occasional serial killer.Sooner or later, you have to answer those questions.”One exercise in character development involves each camper sharing an experience that caused him pain or regret, then the camper drops a golf ball-sized rock into a bag.“At the end of it, we let each camper try and walk around with that bag of rocks,” Stewart says. Our point is when you do things growing up that you shouldn’t, you think that you’ll close a door when you grow up and you’ll never think about it again. Why do things that you’ll have to carry around for the rest of your life? My parents told me that sex before marriage was wrong. So when I married Danielle, I had to tell her that she wasn’t the first woman I’d been with.”Day 4, Faith.“This is the glue that holds everything together when it hits the fan — and it will,” Stewart says.

“Some folks don’t like it when I say this, but I believe wholeheartedly that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the light.Inside the barrack blocks, they were tightly packed together in conditions so inhumane that one inmate described it as like ‘stepping naked into a cage of wild animals’.From these over-crowded, disease-ridden blocks the women were roused each morning as early as 3am for roll call on the parade ground and made to stand for hours in their thin striped dresses even in the iciest winter.Entering its fourth year, the camp is located on the 200-acre grounds of the old Camp Kickapoo. It might require running four times down to the lake and back in a certain time.About 100 boys attend Manhood Academy every year.“We divide into teams, and those two teams compete against one another in different tasks,” Stewart says. If you’re two seconds over, you do it again.“We believe that’s the best way to learn the importance of teamwork, that no one individual is better than the rest and can do it all.Because life is surely going to knock you down.“When I got my arm nearly blown off, I never sat down. It’s up to you to play that hand because you’re going to get dealt a new hand.“You can control your attitude and how you respond to things.