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This have been my joy during those busy and stressful weekend, now that this ended already, i am saddened and at the sametime happy and satisfied. it is just a shame that it ended already but this drama will remain as one of my best. i recommend this to everyone I'll miss waiting for the new ep, I will miss this drama! Lee Joon and Jung So Min should pair up in the future ? This has been a great drama but it shares a common failing with so many Korean dramas - glorification of falsehoods. Lee Joon and Jung So Min are so nakakakilig, I ship them so much.

I swear it is one of the best ❤ 52 eps is honestly not enough, I need more but everything comes to an end. If the "bad guys" lie, that is just another bad thing on their part. (except for kissing scene, well, call me hypocrite, but that's my feeling in every kissing scene, such as Another Miss Oh, Jealousy Incarnate and many more) Hye Young is cute, she has done great job as a youngest daughter of Byeon Han Soo Merdeka Indonesia! I wish this could get an extension (again) and I hope Lee Joon and So Min would pair up again in another drama (I know it's not possible...sighs*) Another week of waiting, but I know it's worth it. I love this drama so much...n would love to meet the cast someday...

In the final two episodes, I am waiting for more great acting by Lee Yu-ri as Byun Hye-young defending her father during his retrial and clearing the road ahead for her entire family. Many thanks to its entire team - and also to the subbers who are so fast and good. I love all the romance between the members of Byun Han so family. Also the in laws of Hyeyoung consume huge amount of time every week with an irrelevant storyline.

Everything's working out okay and that just means the end is near, am so sad!!! Maybe they could have reduced the episodes slightly and tightened the whole storyline and focused more on the JH and Mi Young track sweet moments.

You have to be very smart to play well a foolish character. Such a nice experience to watch drama with great heartwarming story, great acting of the leads. Two thumbs up for director, screen writer, all casts especially Lee Yu Ri and Lee Joon. They finally kissed after a long wait.them date for few more episodes.. I hope there are more episodes..keep rolling guys....please don't end the show... my 1st long period/week and drama and my 1st drama that I watch every week without waiting for subtitle...

(Song makes the scriptwriters look good too.) An unexpected side show is the endless stream of comments. Congratulations to the director, writers and all the crew and staff for job well done. I love Ahn Jong hee and Mi Young story, its all naturall and not in rush. the awkward moments between the newest couple esp inside the car on their first date was hilarious.. i'm not fan of family drama so i wasn't going to watch this drama but after seeing a Scene of this drama on instagram i give a try and i end up seeing 47 episode on 4 days it was one of the best drama i liked all the cast and i liked the story but the thing i liked it more is that they're no evil charactere they're all normal people whene actor ahn joong hee was desived by the father i really want him to find out frome one side but in the other side i didn't want him to find out because i really liked the father and i knew he didn't because he has no choice This drama is really good! Never thought this drama will effect me so I gonna do.nearing the end..gonna miss this drama so much..the cast & the team thank you for all the hard work Every actors in this drama really makes me believe they are who they play, so much respect for them.

The "good guys" should always either tell the absolute truth or remain silent. Lively drama by a good team: scriptwriter, director, actors, OST composers. I particularly enjoy watching the three sisters with their very different characters. Especially I get crazy watching the chemistry between Lee joon and Jung so min...

This would not only be a good example for the viewer, it would be a way of improving the characterization of the Korean people as a whole. Elder sister Byun Hye-Young, the self-controlled and confident, bright and already tested lawyer who takes after her mother. They indeed chose the right people, I love the actors! If ever I meet them I would freakingling hug Lee hoon for so acting so well....mmmuuuuaaahhh to lee joon.....

Ahn Joong-Hee (Lee Joon) is an actor who used to be a member of an idol group. Excellent drama, from ep 1 to 52, all the characters portrayed well. In addition, the storyline is good and logic enough to be understood. I love the ending especially the wedding and the dance performance of the children. This is one of the best KBS family drama I won't forget alongside "Wang's Family" where Kim Haesook is also a mom there, "What Happens to my Family", " Seoyoung, My daughter", "The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop". Loved the ENDING, so Romantic and happy, wanted so bad to be at that wedding. Starring my most favorite actors, Lee Joon & Jung So Min I had to watch it and so glad I did.

One day, he appears in front of a family who consists Byun Han-Soo and Na Young-Sil and their 4 children including Hye-Young and Mi-Young (Jung So-Min). Still dissapointed that Lee Joon and Jung So Min didn't get KBS drama awards! i love the facts that Yuri, Hwa Young, Ryu Soo Young, Kim Young Chul won the awards but KBS missing Lee Joon And Jung So Min. I hope Lee Joon Win excellent actor too, i can't stand with his eyes that has shows many emotions and great acting. Lee Yu Ri was the best, from her wardrobe to her acting. All in all, KBS weekend family dramas are really great! To all the Cast, Crew and Production of My Father is Strange, Congratulations!!! Made me laugh, cry and sigh with the story just fell in love with every character.

Lee Mi Do, who cast as Yoo Joo looks the same age as So Hee Jung, who cast as Yoo Joo’s mom. Lee Mi Do is definitely way too old for Yoo Joo’s role. Lee Mi Do is far far too old to cast as Kim Yoo Joo. I’m sick of watching Kim Yoo Joo in this show due to Lee Mi Doo. i recommend this drama one of the best family dramas. those who are second thinking because it has 52 ep dont worry it wont be boring at all.

There are many more younger looking and actress who can act better than Lee Mi Do for Yoo Joo’s role.

The drama came out in 2016 but unfortunately, not many people watched the drama so it has low ratings but I like the drama. I hope there would be another drama that would make me feel like giving and sharing my comment. Even if there's alot of episodes compared to other drama series that I've seen , still i don't wanna miss a single episode . Looking forward for a Season2 : D jebal OMG, it's already the end! Congrats to the producer,writer,scriptwriter , actors and director of this drama as well as the crew nd staff who made this wonderful family drama of the year possible.???