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His successor is far less concerned—striking, given that he’s a Marine, a breed rarely given to understatement. military could launch more robust attacks against ISIS, Pentagon officials stress that if allied military successes outrun political progress in the region, there will be nothing positive to fill the gap left by ISIS’s destruction. soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment load into a CH-47 Chinook helicopter for an advising mission to an Afghan National Army base at forward operating base Fenty in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Dec. This is hard enough, even if we don’t tie our own hands.” Neither the U. nor the rest of the world has done a good job convincing young Muslims that ISIS isn’t a good option, Thornberry added.

While ISIS “can do us harm, they don’t pose an existential threat to the United States,” Lieut. “If I were to map out what ISIL would love to do, ISIL would love to have the United States and western countries out of the region and slowly take apart those other moderate nations who would counter their radical ideology,” Stewart said. “There is widespread agreement that the ideology is enormously appealing to huge numbers of Muslims, not a majority, but yet especially those in poor economic circumstances, those who feel depressed,” he said.

In today’s wired world, lone wolves striking in Copenhagen and Paris—or small groups in Afghanistan and Libya—can give the impression of ISIS spreading like wildfire. Rather, it’s simply in keeping with 1979’s Carter doctrine, when that President made clear that the Persian Gulf was a vital national-security interest that the U. The flow of oil from the region continues to lubricate the world’s economy, and ISIS, by destabilizing the states in the region, could disrupt it.

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Pugh's sentence was overturned Tuesday, after an appeals court found the guidelines for marijuana prohibition to be overly broad when considering commercially available food products."It was a harsher discharge than what Kelley got for beating his stepson and his wife," Christensen said about Pugh's case.Many resulted from administrative discharges handed down by commanders, not a judge or jury.The Pentagon has promised to review such discharges dating to the Vietnam War and overturn those in which individuals were unfairly separated.The decision to separate him, rather than address the issues for which he feels the military was responsible, has prohibited Goldsmith from obtaining VA medical care, he said, adding, "I don't think most Americans think someone like Kelley, and someone who smoked a joint after they got home from Iraq, should receive the same punishment." Defense Secretary Jim Mattis last week ordered an investigation into how the Air Force failed to provide the FBI with information about Kelley and a review of such procedures across the military.

The problem has been the subject of Pentagon investigations dating back at least 20 years.General Vincent Stewart, told the House Armed Services Committee Feb. “And if they could do that, then they could have a fairly easy opportunity to create the state that they think is appropriate for the region.” The split over options goes beyond DIA. soldiers from Grim Company of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment walk down the street near an Afghan police checkpoint during a mission near Forward Operating Base Fenty in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Dec. “The appeal of that ideology to those young males in particular is something the world has not come to grips with.” The international community, Thornberry said, is looking at ISIS through 20th Century eyes.“If American combat troops are not committed to destroy that standing army, the Islamic State will grow and prosper,” warns retired Marine colonel Gary Anderson. “Part of our problem is that we tend to look at this country by country, and it is not a country by country issue,” he said.Before Devin Kelley murdered 26 people, including children, in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the Air Force knew he should be kept far from the reach of a gun.But the service failed to report his domestic violence conviction to the FBI, a move that would have restricted him from buying and owning firearms.Some say it's a wildly uneven system that, on one hand, under-punishes serious offenders like Kelley while, on the other, over-punishes others with extenuating circumstances tied to their violations, including post-traumatic stress.