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Mendonca, “Femtosecond laser in polymeric materials: microfabrication of doped structures and micromachining,” IEEE J. Zilio, “Femtosecond third-order nonlinear spectra of lead-germanium oxide glasses containing silver nanoparticles,” Opt.

Hirao, “Manipulation of gold nanoparticles inside transparent materials,” Angew. Hirao, “Nonlinear absorption and optical limiting in gold-precipitated glasses induced by a femtosecond laser,” Opt. But as I learned at Ok Cupid, men don’t necessarily end up dating young women, even if they think they’re gorgeous.Men on the site tend to message women closer to their own age; very few men over 30 actually reach out to 20-year-old women.A preferential growth of copper nanoparticles was observed in the bottom of the irradiated region, which was attributed to self-focusing in the glass.

©2012 Optical Society of America Full Article | PDF Article Different refractive index change behavior in borosilicate glasses induced by 1 k Hz and 250 k Hz femtosecond lasers Geng Lin, Fangfang Luo, Fei He, Qingxi Chen, Danping Chen, Ya Cheng, Long Zhang, Jianrong Qiu, and Quanzhong Zhao D.

Glasses containing metallic nanoparticles are promising materials for technological applications in optics and photonics.

Although several methods are available to generate nanoparticles in glass, only femtosecond lasers allow controlling it three-dimensionally.

Nakamura, “Optical nonlinearities of a high-concentration of small metal particles dispersed in glass: copper and silver particles,” J.

(b) Lateral view of the sample after nanoparticles generation (70 μm of spacing between lines).

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