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If you're unsure, click "Start," "Restart" and wait for the computer to reboot.

Check the Task Manager to see whether the webcam utility started automatically.

Click "Start," "Control Panel." Choose "Add/Remove Programs," then "Uninstall Programs." Remove any application or software package that has a webcam feature, except your primary webcam utility.

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Restart the computer, then attempt to run the webcam again.Run an anti-virus program and write down the name of any infections it finds.Though webcams serve a valid purpose — communicating with users in a different location — they can also be a source of paranoia.You can do a few things to check whether your webcam has been compromised if you have ever looked into its lens and wondered, "What if someone's watching me right now?Wardle, who now leads cyber R&D for security intelligence firm Synack, created an OS X malware sample showing how hackers could stealthily monitor your Mac so that anytime you initiate a video session, the malware covertly records the audio and video.

To combat the potential Mac hack, Wardle created a tool called Over Sight. She went to check on the noise and it was the camera, swiveling around. So there she was, putting away her groceries, cleaning, singing as she went about her chores, when she heard a “rumbling” from the living room. She and Hamer decided to plug the camera in again, this time with the lens to the wall and a camera phone on hand to record its actions (the video of the encounter is on Hamer’s Facebook post). But that’s when the hacker who’d taken control of the webcam decided to ramp up the interactive aspect of his creepiness with a greeting: What restraint! Over dinner, a friend wondered how it was possible.Look through the list of running processes for a webcam utility.