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The Hare recommends to the passing Hippopotamus, who's also looking to buy melons, one which actually winds up being the Wolf's head.

Hippopotamus squeezes Wolf's head to test the ripeness of the "watermelon", and inadvertently forces him out of hiding.

Additional episodes have been produced in Russia since 2006.The original film language is Russian but very little speech is used (usually interjections or at most several sentences per episode).Many action sequences of the cartoon are choreographed to fit various recognizable tunes, from classical music to pop hits, with tunes selected to match the action.Sometimes the words of the songs are modified or altogether substituted to correspond to the action.Therefore, the sympathies of some viewers are more with the Wolf, (similar to the premise of Wile E.

Coyote and Road Runner where the sympathy of the viewers also lies with the "villain").), is initially portrayed as a hooligan who eagerly turns to vandalism, abuses minors, breaks laws, and is a heavy smoker.On the other hand, many of the Wolf's attempts to catch the Hare are often characterized by uncanny abilities on his part (including figure skating, ballet and waltzing) for humorous contrast.It featured a lot of product placement (the most noted being Nokia) and was sponsored by AMT.The 2005 series were voiced by Igor Khristenko (Wolf) and Olga Zvereva (Hare) and were done by the Christmas Films studio.The series was put on hold after the death of Anatoli Papanov (voice of Wolf).