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A few incidents lead us to believe that beneath the jokes lie some real issues.

There was the time a company advertised bikini clad women as a perk to the job.

I wonder what he thought – she looks like a good candidate for a PR job in eastern Europe… or maybe a better candidate for stealing her organs! "There is a dearth of eligible singles in Silicon Valley," he writes, after lamenting that Zuck is off the market.The rest, including a slide-show of some of the hottest commodities, reads like a singles brochure for what Williams calls Bachelorville, a play on the popular Facebook game Farmville. Not only are we sick of people telling us to pick up our very happy lives and move for the "perfect" obviously non-existent man.However, it’s extremely creepy for someone to access my exact location and then seek out to find me.

*shivers* Oh, so Greg Mc Gregerson from a PR company in Romania has been looking at my profile, eh? Dearest Linked In users who creep on profiles without sending a note – I’m not sure I know what you’re doing here. Maybe I applied for a job with you and now you’re trying to see if I’m a good fit, but I turned out not to be? article about the successful and single entrepreneurs of the tech world, but from what we know about that part of the world, these men don't sound so appealing.In Williams' telling, Silicon Valley (and Alley) is a dating paradise for single women: a land of rich, educated, single men.But, more recently, we've also seen the rise of "brogramming" culture.