Dating laws in ontario canada

In addition, Ontario’s family laws provide that you may be entitled to financial support for yourself and your children when your marriage ends.

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Unless your spouse agrees to pay you back through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law or arbitration, you may have to go to court to get back your contribution.If your common law relationship ends, and you do not have enough money to support yourself, you can ask your spouse to pay support.Family law can be complicated and a booklet cannot possibly answer all your questions or tell you everything you need to know.There are many ways you can inform yourself about the law and your options.These issues include the care andsupport of your children, support for you or your spouse and the division of your property.

Before making important decisions, you should understand your rights and obligations.

In amarriage contract you can say what you expect from each other during your marriage.

You can list property that you are bringing into the marriage and say how much it is worth and who owns it.

If your marriage ends, the value of the property you acquired while you were married and the increase in the value of property you brought into your marriage will be divided in half: one half for you and one half for your husband or wife. The law also provides that you and your husband or wife have an equal right to stay in the family home.

If you separate, you will have to decide who will continue to live there.

This booklet provides some information about each of these options.