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She tells him how they should have had a child together not us, bi**h you’re 41 years old…he doesn’t want a kid with you. She can’t seem to get over him after years of not going anywhere with him.

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Renee Kulseth claims to be this CHRISTIAN MOM and act like she’s so sweet and innocent. He just kept saying what can I do to fix this and that she meant nothing to him she was just an easy lay.

Nope she loves to sleep around with married men and men that have girlfriends. Watch out she will try anything to take your place!! Brianna Rio obviously has no shame in ruining a family! my best friend had one of the best relationships with her boyfriend. Stupid me believed him and decided to work on it because we have 15 years and 2 kids invested.

She sleeps around with dozens of guys just for the fun of it. Once she knows she has messed up the relationship she moves on. This man David Pesnell has been married 3 times and is now sleeping with a married woman that has 2 kids. I have blocked her on everything on all social media… I’m praying this shames her enough to leave us alone…

He knew up front that she was married but obviously doesn’t care. Even though they were caught, he continues to sneak around and see her creating even more problems at home and work. Ladies please be aware of this woman she does not care who she hurts!! For 3 weeks the affair went on without me knowing.. Don’t let your man be friends with her because she will start feeding him bull sh*t. She body shames the women even when she used to be fat herself. swapped numbers and weezled her way to his “heart” knowing he is married with 3 boys at home. Whe you tell the husband he knows he can’t do better than her so he keeps her around.So she got named in the restraining order, which of course she violated 100 times!When my husband and I decided to try to reconcile, she again texts me every detail of their sexual relationship, telling me that I was a screwed up person because I had been sexually abused as a child for so long.Nancy Hernandez (Prieto) pretended like she wanted to get to know me and become my friend because I had once taken care of her son when he was sick as a patient in my hospital.